Ammaji’s daily inspirational message

To listen, it is important to turn down the volume of your own internal dialogues! Because listening happens in a silent mind and is effortless! ~Swamini Pramananda(Ammaji)




Vedic Knowledge

The Vedas are called vidya-sthanas, the abodes of knowledge, as they lead one to the knowledge of the truth of oneself, the Lord and the creation. The Vedas are also called dharma-pramanas because they reveal...

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The Four Fundamental Desires

The Vedas classify all pursuits of a human being into four fundamental categories. These four pursuits, collectively called purusartha, are Dharma, ethics; Artha, securities; Kama, pleasures; and Moksa, liberation. These basic human pursuits can be...

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On Prayer

Prayer is the highest form of communication with the Lord, and can be offered in simple words or as an elaborate ritual. The modes of prayer may differ from person to person, but the attitude...

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Awakening the Light of Dharma

“Awakening the Light of Dharma”, an International Conference held from November 6th  to 9th , 2015 in Varanasi & Sarnath, brought spiritual leaders from various faiths such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufis, Jews, American Indians and...

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Ammaji’s New Year Message

In this New Year, what is the gift we can give ourselves? Gift your Self to yourself. Live life as it is meant to be lived by knowing, by expressing the highest Self. The highest...

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