Ammaji’s daily inspirational message

To listen, it is important to turn down the volume of your own internal dialogues! Because listening happens in a silent mind and is effortless! ~Swamini Pramananda(Ammaji)




Reflections from Ammaji – What is Vedanta?

What is Vedanta? The first section of the Vedas, Karma-Kanda, deals with dharma, artha and kama, the first three purusharthas, or human desires, and their fulfillment. This section is voluminous because it deals with the...

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Reflections from Ammaji – The Vision of Vedanta. The Vision of Oneness.

The Vision of Vedanta. The Vision of Oneness. Tat Tvam Asi. That Thou Art. In the vision of Vedanta, who or what you are is other than, different from, who or what you have taken...

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Mahasivaratri Message – from Ammaji

Mahasivaratri is celebrated during the krishnapaksha, 14th day of Phalguni month. It is a time of prayer, japa, fasting, and contemplation of Lord Shiva. His devotees spend day and night in his worship. The puranic...

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Ammaji’s daily inspirational message 30 April 2016

Understand 'Nonseperation'! Just becasue we are different from each other does not mean that we are separate from each other. For example, though the finger is different from the thumb, both are part of the...

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Ammaji’s daily inspirational message 01-May-2016

Gratitude is an attitude that emerges from within, when we can focus on the whole of life rather than its fragments!

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