Ammaji’s New Year Message

In this New Year, what is the gift we can give ourselves? Gift your Self to yourself. Live life as it is meant to be lived by knowing, by expressing the highest Self. The highest Self that I want to be and crave to be is of the nature of fullness, purnatvam, abiding peace and joy.

Let us not live a life with choices that defeat the very purpose of living. We drink, destroy our health, compete with each other, destroy other life forms, seek fame and fortune and stress ourselves to achieve things that at the end of the day bring us what we truly do not want. In competition, greed and self-centredness, we make ourselves small and insignificant. How can we then experience everlasting happiness and peace, which we truly want?!

 By awakening to who you truly are, you learn to live in abiding peace and happiness! You become a gift not only to yourself, but also to the universe at large. Choose to focus on your essence and live in gratitude for all that you have. Mother Earth is here for all life forms, not just the human civilisation. Hence live and let live. Allow life to live and may that be our gift to the world – not violence, not hurt, not destruction! The more we destroy, the more we are destroyed.

Be a gift to yourself by gifting your highest Self to yourself and to the world. A Very Happy New Year to all of you. Namaste.