Art Initiative

“Art is communication and what it communicates is knowledge. If the knowledge communicated is of divinities, the art form is considered divine — elevating the emotions of the seer. If it invokes base emotions, the art form is considered base. Art, fine or performing, has always been considered sacred as it gives the recipient the power to experience the mysterious, by simultaneously awakening to oneself and losing oneself in the art.”   Ammaji

Through the Art initiative we will consider the various traditional art forms as given by the ancient Rishis (wise ones) in the Vedic texts. We will look at the use of art in temples, buildings, and rock caves and study the different types of materials used to create art in ancient times. We will also learn about the various centers of art still preserved in India and the impact of modern life on these traditional art forms.

We will also explore how art has evolved with reference to the Vedic texts on dance and music. We will investigate the benefits of chanting and how sound energy produces calming effects on the mind and the body. You will also learn a systematic way of chanting the various types of mantras and their benefits.

We will also look at culture-based application themes such as various Ramayana games, Mahabharata games, a variety of Bhagavata and Purana games and create dramas based on Itihasa concepts. We’ll do the same with Puranic concepts and create various competitions for children, while exploring the use of modern channels to share the arts.

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