Purna Vidya Foundation – Coimbatore

Situated about 25 km from Coimbatore city, Purna Vidya Foundation offers a peaceful get-away for busy professionals who want to retreat in a spiritual setting.

Surrounded by breathtaking mountains, the ashram offers a quiet, contemplative environment for solo retreats as well as programs focused on Self-Knowledge, for individuals, families, corporate and other groups. [ReadMore]

Tapasyalayam – Uttarkashi

Throughout the ages, seekers after truth have found themselves in the Himalayan Mountain Range where the timeless wisdom of the 42Vedas is kept alive and vital by sages and seers.

On the banks of the sacred Ganges River, Tapasyalayam offers the spiritual seeker an opportunity to enjoy not only the rich culture of the Ganga Belt, but the spiritual truth behind their own inner longing. Here you will find Ganga Dhyana Mandir, a beautiful natural cave temple dedicated to Ganga Devi (The Goddess Ganga), where worship, pujas and bhajans are conducted daily. [ReadMore]

Venugopalaswamy – Palakkad

Sri Venugopalaswamy Ashram was constructed in 2011, following the discovery by Swamini Pramananda in 1996, that the Village 24known as Coolimuttam Agraham was her ancestral home. [ReadMore]