Tapasyalayam – Uttarkashi

Throughout the ages, seekers after truth have found themselves in the Himalayan Mountain Range where the timeless wisdom of the Vedas is kept alive and vital by sages and seers.

On the banks of the sacred Ganges River, Tapasyalayam offers the spiritual seeker an opportunity to enjoy not only the rich culture of the Ganga Belt, but the spiritual truth behind their own inner longing. Here you will find Ganga Dhyana Mandir, a beautiful natural cave temple dedicated to Ganga Devi (The Goddess Ganga), where worship, pujas and bhajans are conducted daily.

From March to November Tapasyalayam offers a multitude of programs to satisfy both your physical and spiritual needs. Among the offerings are: Programmes designed for contemplative practices, spiritual reflection, yoga, prayer, satsang, nature walks and pilgrimages to Gangotri and Gomukh.

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Here are a few comments from others who have spent time at Tapasyalayam:

“Coming to Tapasyalayam was like coming home to our spiritual Mother. Ammaji – Seeing you at the gate of the ashram was like seeing my own mother whenever I used to visit India. My exhaustion after a long journey just vanished seeing your smiling face.You helped me in clearing my doubts; your simple way of making complex things clear is really awesome. Thank you again! Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.” Kamlesh

“When I left Singapore, all I knew was that I was on a spiritual journey and not a tourist holiday. I had decided to have an open mind, embrace the experience and learn as much as I could. What an experience it has been! Tapasyalayam provided a treat. The two mountain peaks and the emanating morning light and white clouds seemed to be Shiva himself representing light and knowledge. The ever flowing Ganga Ma had to be Goddess Parvathi. I saw the same Ganga Ma in the beautiful idol in the quaint ashram cave temple. Tears just flowed as I saw her. In all, it was an overwhelming experience. Ammaji’s Sadhana Pancakam was a welcome text once I understood what I was seeking. The concepts of ‘Independent Reality’ and ‘Dependent Reality’ suddenly made sense. I understood that I should use my human experience for my spiritual sadhana. I am just an Instrument; that I should function as a Spiritual being and the need for me to make this internal paradigm shift, all came together. Thank you, Ammaji! I look forward to your grace and guidance.” Chitra

“The purpose of me joining the retreat was to get away from the mad rush I had been (sic) experiencing for a while. After the week in Uttarkashi, I realised that divinity was not only in its surrounding but within ourselves too. Ammaji, answered the burning questions I had and cleared my doubts about rituals and moksha. The cold dips in Maa Ganga have revitalised my soul and I can’t wait to go back and immerse myself in its holy and mystic presence.” Satiya

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