Venugopalaswamy – Palakkad

Sri Venugopalaswamy Ashram was constructed in 2011, following the discovery by Swamini Pramananda in 1996, that the Village known as Coolimuttam Agraham was her ancestral home.

The story of Sri Venugopalaswamy Temple, situated near the ashram, is remarkable in that before Ammaji’s arrival, both the village and the temple had fallen on hard times. Previously the location of a vibrant community with many beautiful homes, the departure of dozens of families in search of greener pastures left the community in a weakened state. The saving grace was the handful of families who stayed in the village, devotedly supported Sri Venugopalaswamy, and took great care of the temple. In spite of their economic struggles, the villagers came together to perform a Kumbhabhishekam in 1959, the year of Ammaji’s birth.









In 1993, the Sri Venugopalaswamy Temple Nitya Puja Committee was formed to sustain the temple, with prayers that good times would soon return. The turning point for the village came in 1996. A devaprasnam had revealed the coming of unknown noble souls within the year, after which the village would become a prosperous, peaceful and harmonious place once again. In October of 1996, Swami Siddhabodhananda and Ammaji came to the village in search of her ancestral home.

As if divinity had guided her to the temple, Ammaji had been given a gift of Sri Venugopalaswamy’s idol prior to her visit, confirming the thought that her ancestors had, indeed, belonged to the agraharam. With the blessing of her guru, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, and the support of Sri. Balaraman and the other villagers, Ammaji took on the monumental task of renovation and consecration of the temple. After the success of a 1998 Kumbhabhisekham, the villagers knew that their prayers had been answered and life in their village had, indeed, become more prosperous, peaceful and harmonious.

In 2011, during a second Kumbhabhisekham, Ammaji envisioned constructing a Temple Annakshetra and Sri Venugopalaswamy Ashram on her ancestral land. Her vision became a reality and the Ashram was inaugurated on 9th February 2014. Today, in the rich tropical lands of Kerala in Palakkad district, Sri Venugopalaswamy Ashram serves the community through Purna Vidya’s ongoing classes and satsangs, as well as religious and social functions.


Contact Address

Sri Venugopalaswamy Ashram,

Coolimuttam Village,

Polpully, Palakkad,

Kerala 678552,


Phone: +91-907-245-5829.