Why an Ashram Retreat?

Throughout the world today there is a growing awareness that life as we are living it is unsustainable, both personally and globally. As a result, vast numbers of people are seeking something deeper and more meaningful than the acquisition of things and fleeting experiences.

This trend has made ashrams the new go-to place; beautiful, contemplative settings where you can discover a sense of inner peace and contentment that will follow you home, to your family, your workplace and your community.

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In India there are many ashrams; places that offer yoga retreats and spiritual study. How can you choose the best one for you — places that will satisfy your longing for peace and contentment?

Purna Vidya’s ashrams are designed for your rest and contemplation. Whether you find yourself at Tapasyalayam high up in the Himalayas, in the plains of Coimbatore at Purna Vidya Foundation, surrounded by magical mountain ranges, or in the tropical lands of Kerala at Sri Venugopalaswamy Ashram, each Purna Vidya ashram offers the perfect combination of peaceful surroundings and teaching that your spirit seeks.