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Ammaji my children want to why we ring the bell during arati and naivedyam ?

Ringing of the temple-bell is meant to eliminate the negative forces and invite the higher deities to one's sacred space.

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Ammaji in our community we touch the feet of elders to seek blessings,why ?

Touching the feet of elders is a convention to show respect to a person, elder to you in age or knowledge. One may also show respect by tapping someone's shoulders or shaking hands. But the...

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Ammaji as the seasons change in the North and south hemisphere does the panchangam also change due to the fact?

No the seasons (ritus) are determined based on the position of the sun relative to earth, as per the Druka Siddhanta in Jyotish shastra, consisting of vasanta / grishma / varsha/ sharad / hemanth /...

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Ammaji my wife wants to know, why are prayers important in our daily life?

Prayer is a means of communication to the Lord, who is the giver of the fruits of our actions. Every day we are faced with so many choices and we find ourselves on crossroads, not...

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Ammaji my 9 year old son wants to know, at what age can children start meditations and why?

A 9 year old can meditate if he wishes to, but he needs to be clear on why he wishes to meditate. Meditation for a young child is simply learning a capacity to sit still...

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