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Most of the time!

We identify, we judge. Oh! I am still thinking like this! Oh, I shouldn’t be thinking like this! Oh. Why is the mind still disturbed? Look at it. What is it that is disturbing? If...

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The vasana may be there but it is harmless if we just witness it.


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But if it is still motivating our actions then we are a victim of it.

Yes. Then we need to look at it, we need to address it. If we are not able to remain as the witness, if we identify with it, if it brings out pain and memories...

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Would you say that there are sometimes very strong issues or structures which would benefit from some kind of psychological therapy?

Yes. The modern Western world has really come up with some good tools. We have so many methods, such as hypnotic past-life regression. We have healing meditations, like white light and reiki (spiritual energy healing)....

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At the end of his book, Self-Enquiry, Sri Ramana says

I will share with you my understanding of these two expressions as the tradition holds. Jivanmukti is that state of firm, abiding, clear knowledge of the Self as satchidananda Truth-consciousness-bliss) and as free from karma...

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