Corporate Initiative

"Atmanah pratikulani paresham na samacharet – What I do not want others to do to me, I do not do to others.” This simple and profound statement forms the foundation of universal dharma for human civilizations. If love, compassion and forgiveness is what I want from others, then it is fundamental to existence that I extend the same to others."  Ammaji
In the Corporate initiative we explore the role of modern companies in the preservation of India’s ancient culture. We will study and learn about the Vedic interpretation of good governance, responsibility toward society, impact on the environment, taxes, wages, communication skills, success and ethics. We will look to the stories given in Itihasas and Puranas about success and life. We will also study the techniques used by India’s kings to defeat enemies both within and without. Recognizing the six-fold enemies inside us (Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Matsarya, and Mada), we will look at the solutions given by the Rishis (seers) for gaining mastery over them. As part of this programme, we will study the need for corporate involvement to enhance ethical profit generation and reduce resource consumption, experience different meditation postures and techniques to create better employer-employee relationships, and learn about corporate social responsibility and its impact on society. Please feel free to connect with Ammaji either on the website (, her blog 'Conversations with Ammaji' or via our Facebook page (Purna Vidya Foundation).

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