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Ammaji's 2019 Courses / Events

All of Purna Vidya’s programmes are based on the foundation of India’s spiritual heritage — the Vedic teaching of Oneness and Harmony — which shows us that we are more than our bodies and minds; that we are, in fact, the very happiness we seek through external objects and experiences.

Seeing this truth, we recognize that we are, and always have been, free from the limitations created by wrongly taking ourselves to be only these limited forms.


The programmes listed here are progressive in nature, for periods covering one month to one year. They are offered in both modes paid and Serve & Study mode at Purna Vidya Foundation, outside of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu where students will live and learn with Ammaji and other teachers. A nominal Registration Fee is required. More details can be taken from our Program Management team by enrolling to the courses.

Advaita Vedanta Course (One Month)

This programme serves as an introduction to the vision of the Vedas, providing participants an insight into the reality expounded by the sages and wisdom keepers of India’s spiritual heritage. In addition to Vedanta and Upanishad classes, Ammaji will teach one chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, considered to contain the essence of all four Vedas. In addition, you will participate in Vedic chanting, puja, group reflection and satsang. The basics of Sanskrit and the value of Meditation and Yoga practices are also an added benefit of this programme.

Vedanta Course (1 month)
@ Purna Vidya Foundation

3rd February - 6th March, 2019

Ganga Dasahara Retreat
@ Tapasyalayam

4th - 13th June, 2019

U.K & Europe
Vedanta Tours

17th July - 20th August, 2019

Navarātri Retreat
@ Tapasyalayam

28th September - 9th October, 2019

Vedanta Course (1 month)
@ Purna Vidya Foundation

8th November - 8th December, 2019

Arulji's 2019 Vedanta Courses / Events

Essence of Gita, Gitaiyin Saaram @ Purna Vidya Foundation

1st and 3rd Sundays of every month, starting 7th April, 2019

Vedanta Retreat (Tamil)
@ Purna Vidya Foundation

1st - 15th June, 2019

Navarātri Retreat (Tamil)
@ Purna Vidya Foundation

28th September - 9th October, 2019

Arulji's 2019 Cultural Education Courses / Events

Teacher Training Programmes
@ Purna Vidya Foundation

April - September, 2019

Classes for Children and Youth
@ Purna Vidya Foundation

2nd and 4th Sundays every month, starting 14th April, 2019

Outbound Learning Camps
@ Purna Vidya Foundation

April - September, 2019

What people are saying

  • “Overall, every student experienced days of intense learning and growth. Many expressed how they saw the Vedanta teachings come alive through this programme at Purna Vidya Ashram. It was undeniable that many of us had been touched to the core and that cogs and wheels necessary for Self Awakening had been set furiously in motion, if not already!”

    -- Malar , Singapore
  • “When I came to India, my plan was to visit several ashrams. But when I arrived here in Purna Vidya, I did not feel like leaving the ashram. I was so enchanted with the place. With the teachings, I feel that I have learned to trust a lot more in life in general. A lot of my fears have dropped. I feel that anything that happens, I have much more inner space to absorb the same.”

    -- Nicole , Chile
  • “I came here to learn about Gita and Self-Knowledge. What matters most to me is the new perspective I have received from Gita. The angle with which I perceive situations which I normally struggle with has changed drastically. Today the Gita lessons help me in my daily life by giving me more inner peace, and I am not shaken as often by little disturbances.”

    -- Philippa, Germany

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