Environmental Initiative

"Blessed were those ancestors who could live in a culture that cherished nature and looked after it like their own family. While earth and rivers were revered as Divine Mother, mountains and skies were considered Divine Father. Life as lived in birds, animals and amphibians was respected as one’s own, and hence protected. Where has that sacred culture of India gone? Why have we become deaf to the Vedic mantras that declare life is One and it is sacred!"  Ammaji
Through the Environmental initiative, we reflect upon the knowledge given by the ancient Rishis (seers) in the Vedic texts about the various aspects of nature, using the five elements — earth, air, wind, fire, and ether — as the basis of our exploration. We will not delve deeply into the vast ocean of this knowledge, but share some ideas to lead you into the journey with us. We will together try to explore the natural world through the eyes of the Devatas (Gods) and Rishis. We will explore our emerging questions by understanding how the Vedic slokas (verses) and mantras (holy chants) are relevant to the modern age. May they also encourage us to think about our impact on the environment and how to conserve its purity. Please feel free to connect with Ammaji either on the website (www.purnavidya.org), the blog 'Conversation with Ammaji' or via our Facebook page (Purna Vidya Foundation)

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