Global Peace Initiative

"Vasudha eva kutumbaka - The earth indeed is one family” is the declaration of the ancient texts. Are we on a warpath to falsify this statement, through our never-ending wars and killing? What will our future generations say about us as their ancestors? As much as we glorify our ancestors, they will define our era as yet another phase of the dark ages of human civilization, where their ancestors knew not the basic principles of living in compassion and forgiveness."  Ammaji
The Global peace initiative invites us to look at the role we as individuals play in maintaining peace and harmony across the globe. We will study the Shanti mantras and their impact on nature as provided by the Rishis (seers). We will explore the different types of problems caused in daily life by seen and unseen forces as well as the impact of war during ancient times. We will study the difference between good and bad karma and lessons learned from the Itihasas and Puranas. As part of the Global Peace Initiative, we offer proper use of puja and prayers to calm ourselves and enhance both inner and outer peace. We look at various ways to work in a cohesive and calm manner both at work and at home, and explore various elements of stress and how to manage and relieve it. We will examine the results of performing good karma, study techniques to observe our likes and dislikes, and learn prayers to work with them. Please feel free to connect with Ammaji either on the website ( blog 'Conversation with Ammaji' or via our Facebook page (Purna Vidya Foundation)