Knowing yourself

The fundamental desire of every human being — perhaps every being — is to be happy.

All of our efforts, and our energies, whether we are young, old, rich, poor, male, female, Westerner, Indian or Asian, are based on this desire. And yet, we find that whatever happiness we experience from our efforts is fleeting. Like the wind, it comes and it goes.

Not knowing where we will find happiness, we search — hopeful that the next relationship, job, house or experience will be the one that has the words Permanent Happiness stamped on it. One day, if we’re truly fortunate, we realize that the happiness we’ve been seeking is not ‘out there’ in any of the objects, relationships or experiences we’ve explored, but ‘inside,’ in the very heart of the one who has been seeking.

We realize that our search for happiness or meaning is ultimately a spiritual one.

Since ancient times — times beyond recorded history — the Vedas, the scriptural teachings of India, have taught that true, unwavering happiness is our very nature. And so, we find ourselves in India; the land of the rishis where India’s sages and wisdom keepers, and sincere seekers of all genders, ages and races, have found themselves turning for its spiritual wisdom.

While few teachers capable of sharing this vital knowledge remain today, those who do often live in remote areas, beyond the reach of the very people who seek their wisdom. Swamini Pramananda (lovingly known as Ammaji), is one of those rare teachers who understands the intensity and challenges of the spiritual journey, and can communicate these ancient teachings in a way that is both relevant and meaningful for the modern spiritual seeker.

Swamini Pramananda is a Vedanta teacher and a teacher of teachers as well as a Sanskrit scholar and the visionary behind Purna Vidya (meaning Complete Knowledge*). As such, Ammaji is one of the clearest and most eloquent teachers of the Vedic vision of Oneness and Happiness in the world today. In her presence may you discover the pure, unconditioned, permanent love you have been seeking, as your very Self.

“There are no tricks, no gimmicks, no practices other than that of seeing beyond the illusion and simply remembering the truth of who you really are.” “When we recognize that the happiness we’ve sought for so long is already ours, as our very nature, we find ourselves free of longing, and freed from seeking.” (quotes from me that you can take as your own or adjust)

Please explore Purna Vidya’s website and discover for yourself what it means to Gift Yourself with Your Self. There is no greater gift that you, as a spiritual seeker, can give yourself. Come. Discover Your Self. Here and Now.