Maa Ganga – A Sacred Civilization


“Oh Goddess Ganga! Guide us to honour, serve and worship you in your full glory as did our sages of the past!.”   

~ Swamini Pramananda (Ammaji) 


Purna Vidya delivers the message of the Vedic wisdom of “Earth indeed is one family”. Help us reach this message to one and all, in a sustained manner through the Environmental Initiative of “Ma Ganga – A Sacred Civilization”.


What has Purna Vidya done on the Gangetic belt?

Purna Vidya has touched the lives of many families and villages along the Ganga belt for the last 10 years through Educational and Community Initiatives that empower young and old alike by:

  •  Balika-vidya-danam scheme, which supports girl child in education as well as provides daily tuitions.
  • Women Empowerment projects that generate income for women by knitting caps, mufflers and making paper bags and other items to sell.
  • Cultural festivals that bring celebration and harmony among villagers such as: Ganga Dasahara Temple Festival, Navaratri Puja Festival, Sadhu-feeding and cultural awareness through talks and programs.
  •  Ganga-se-ghar-tak project which creates awareness on Gangetic belt for protection of the purity and maintenance of hygiene along Ganga banks up to the village.

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