Maa Ganga – A Sacred Civilization



My Offering To  Ma Ganga


Offer a Sign-Board for Ganga Bank for the Awareness Campaign of Purna Vidya!

Lakhs of people visit the Ganga belt each year, who lack an understanding of the ecological, mythological and cultural significance of the places on Ganga belt.
In the 100 km stretch of Ganga from Gangotri to Uttarkashi, each signboard costing Rs. 10,000 will be placed, describing the importance of the bank with reference to environment and culture. The sign board is a reminder for tourists and pilgrims, not to pollute the sacred environment; instead, learn about the living sacred culture of the Himalayan people.

How do I benefit in supporting this project?

  •  The donor will get an opportunity to do environmental work in the Himalayan region.
  •  The donor’s name will be permanently etched on the Sign board, reminding people of the generosity extended for a noble cause by the donor.
  •  The donor will receive the blessings of the sages, saints and divinities of the Himalayas for protecting and looking after the holiest of holy land on earth.

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I offer my financial support for this project. My personal details are given below:

Name:  ________________________________________________________________
Phone: ________________________________________________________________
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Address: ________________________________________________________________
I am enclosing a demand draft of Rs____________ made payable to Purna Vidya Trust or a
pledge of Rs_____________ to be paid in ______ installments within ______ months.

Purna Vidya Trust is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, under section 80(G) of the Indian Income Tax Act.  All personal information you provide will remain confidential. For further information or clarification, please email us at