A report on Purna Vidya Launch at Erode Sengunthar Group of Schools

We take pride in informing all of you, that the Purna Vidya Study Programme was successfully launched at Erode Sengunthar Group of Schools on 20-Feb-2015 by Ammaji. She presided over the lamp lighting ceremony performed by students of 10th and 12th standards. These students are scheduled to take up their board exams next month in March. Each one of them lit a candle and offered it to Saraswati Devi to seek her blessings for the upcoming exams.

During her speech, Ammaji highlighted the value of fearlessness for students. She also chanted and explained a beautiful shloka which highlights 6 significant values that each student should nurture and cultivate in order to be successful in their life.

"Udyamah Sahasam Dhairyam Buddhi Shakti Parakramah. Shad ete yatra vartante tatra Devah sahayakrt.”

"The Gods bless where one is bestowed with the qualities of effort, effort with enthusiasm, courage, intelligence, resources and capacity to cross challenges in life". The students were receptive and got the message. Ammaji also insisted the need for Para Vidya (knowing our true self) in addition to various Apara Vidya being taught in schools. She concluded the talk by blessing all the students. The President, Correspondent and the management committee were extremely grateful and thanked Ammaji.

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Following this event, Ammaji did a presentation on Purna Vidya Programme to the Correspondents and Principals of 8 schools in and around Erode. Ammaji insisted the need for such a Programme in today’s world where there is breakdown of cultural barriers and children need to cope with the emerging global culture. Culture based Value education is a must for every child, as it helps in cultural identity of the child and brings to them the inherent strength of our ancient cultural roots.

PurnaVidya Programme has been implemented in more than 80 schools in India. It enables the schools to sow the seeds of Ethics and Morals in the minds of children. This is demonstrated with examples of Hero’s taken from our Puranas and Epics and they become the archetypes for the children to emulate.

PurnaVidya Middle-East team member Senthil then walked through a power point presentation on Purna Vidya in Schools and highlighted the need for such a Programme in Erode. The interactive session was received with much enthusiasm.

At the end of the presentation, Ammaji answered all queries raised by the attendees during the Q & A session. Ammaji gifted a copy of Part -6 “Values” book and “Learn and Share” PurnaVidya booklets to the representative of every school team. The presentation concluded with a prayer for the well-being of one and all in the universe.