Ammaji message to NSS camp students Goswami Ganesh Dutt School, 17th March, 2016

Ammaji arrived in Uttarkashi and was warmly received by the villagers at Geyunla village in a procession with drum beats and flower garlands. The NSS camp participants of the Goswami Ganesh Dutt School was conducting a concluding function in which Ammaji gave her message. Other emmanent guests such as the Suprintendant of Police and Amman Rehman, the youngest Animation artist of the world also graced the function.

Ammaji was lauded for her cultural awakening work in the villages of Bhagirathi-Ganga belt in her typical theme, “MaGanga – Ek Pavitra Samskriti”. The villagers, especially the women folk, eagerly waited for her speech on “Awaken to Ma-Ganga Shakti within you”. Deeply touched by Ammaji’s insights into their life-style and bhavana, they rushed forth offering garlands and flowersj at her feet! Arfan spoke on the need for every child to live his dream and advised parents to allow the children to express their talent and skill at all times. The Superintendant of Police eloquently described how human life is worthless without character and culture and how important it is that our education system must include these two components in its teaching program.