Feeding in the Himalayas!

Annadanam Scheme

Purna Vidya will be feeding over 1,000 devotees during the festival at Gangotri Temple 12th- 14th of June, 2016. This is an auspicious event to feed children, women, men, sadhus and spiritual seekers who will come together as a family of MaGanga at Gangotri and share a meal-prasadam.

Children are Sri Swamiji's joy & what a better way to show them love than by serving them!Receive the blessings of your elders by participating in this special charity. The following pictures are of Annadanam held at Tapasyalayam during Ganga Dasahara Festival Celebrations last year.

Donate to this important charity of feeding at www.purnavidya.org/donate/