Lalitha Pooja – Purna Vidya UK Team Meeting, 23rd January,2016

23rd Jan - Lalitha Pooja – Purna Vidya UK Team Meeting

The first meeting in 2016 of the UK team was conducted at Venkat and Madhurima's house on the auspicious day of pournami (23rd Jan 2016). Dr Ragu, Dr Sudha, Dr Bala, Rao garu, Kalyan, Maruthi, Priya, Padmini and Suresh attended the session. Everybody gathered at their house by 06:30 pm and a melodious chanting of Lalitha Sahasranamam, the supreme mother's 1008 name were sung. Everybody was in good spirits and felt refreshed after the holy chanting.

The meeting was conducted by Dr Ragu and Ammaji's strategy for 2016 was presented to the team of Purna Vidya sadhakas. A number of key items were discussed and actions allocated to the team. The focus areas for UK team is to develop the IT capabilities for the online presence of the Purna Vidya by creating text, audio and video content as per Ammaji's vision. The pooja was completed and prasadam distributed to all after the meeting.