Purna Vidya Environment Initiatiative!

Purna Vidya initiates its ‘Ma Ganga – A Sacred Civilization’ Environment Initiative Campaign on May 12, 2016 along with the celebration of Ganga Saptami in Mukhva & Markandeyapuri. Over 200 sign boards will be placed alongside Bhagirathi-Ganga banks from Gangotri to Uttarkashi. The sign boards will describe the importance of the bank with reference to environment as well as the mythological historical significance of the area. They will be a reminder for tourists and pilgrims, not to pollute the sacred environment; instead, learn about the living sacred culture of the Himalayan people.

Anyone can contribute to this project by donating for the purchase of a sign board. The donors name will be etched on the sign board but most importantly the donor will receive the blessings of the sages, saints, and divinities of the Himalayas for protecting and looking after the holiest of holy land on earth. Join us in protecting sacred India and its culture! Please contact us at +91 95972 15559 or email us at foundation@purnavidya.com for additional information.