Purna Vidya Events in Singapore – February 2016

‘A Course on Hinduism’ launched in August 2015 at Hindu Center, Singapore attracted committed students for the past seven months every weekend. The study has been structured through Purna Vidya’s learning programs on Vedanta and Vedic Heritage and has been personally guided with classes from Ammaji, during her monthly visits to the Hindu Center.
This month had added celebration of the Chinese New Year on 8th Feb., 2016, when the students spent an entire day in Satsangs and Workshop with Ammaji. Invitations from various groups such as the Sai Center and the Art of Living Center added additional outreach to devotees, who received Ammaji’s messages with enthusiasm on topics such as ‘Nature of Devotion’, ‘Success and You, as well as ‘Journey to Sacred Himalayas & Ganga’.