Purna Vidya Foundation Supports Vadivelampalayam Village School

In January of this year, Purna Vidya Foundation received a request from the nearby Vadivelampalayam Village School. This school is run by state government and did not get enough funding to have even basic facilities. We visited the school in February and met with the headmistress and teachers to assess the schools’ existing condition. Thereafter, with the help of our donors and volunteers, we were able to provide all the items requested by the school. We also organized a Dental Camp for the school’s students with the help of a local Dentist. Along with check ups for 70 students, we distributed toothpaste, tooth brushes and showed them a video on how to take care of their teeth.

List of items donated:

1 Amplifier, Mike & Speaker 1
2 Water Drum 3
3 Volley Ball 2
4 Foot Ball 2
5 Shuttle Cork 6
6 Ring 4
7 Carrom Board 2
8 Lazium Musical Instrument 20
9 Kolatta Stick 20
10 Science Experiment Kit 1 Set
11 Cupboard (Steel) 2
12 Book Shelf 1
13 Teacher's Table 3
14 Garden tools  1 set
15 Bucket 5
16 Dustbin 10
17 National Leaders Photos 10
18 Teacher's Chair 3
19 Plastic Trays 46

This June, the school’s headmistress, teachers and children held a function to thank Ammaji, Swamiji, and the Foundation for its generous support. Some of the pictures taken during the program and the dental camp are posted in the link below: