Purna Vidya Manchester Inauguration in UK – 10th January 2015

We are pleased to inform you that the Purna Vidya program, has been chosen by the he National Council of Kerala Hindu Heritage’s (NCKHH) project, to provide systematic Vedic heritage education to all their members was formally inaugurated at Greater Manchester Hindu Samajam (North West Region) on 10th January in association with Purna Vidya UK.

The program began in the evening with prayers for the annual Ayyappa Swami Pooja. It was a joyous moment to watch; all the families including small children joined in the singing of bhajans, which followed for the next hour. A special Vedic priest was brought in from Leicester to conduct the pooja in the traditional way.

The importance of doing the community pooja for the benefit of all members of the society was described by the priest. Lamps were lit across the venue and Goddess Lakshmi Devi was invoked in them, for prosperity and good health of everyone. The priest distributed the special prasadam to all present at the venue.

The inauguration began by inviting on to the dais the Purna Vidya team of Dr Ragu, Rengaji and Suresh followed by the president Sureshji, secretary Ajithji and in charge of Manchester centre, Gopa Kumarji of NCKHH. Children welcomed the team with flower bouquets.

Dr Ragu gave a brief introduction of the Purna Vidya program and explained the details of how Purna Vidya started in UK with Ammaji’s blessings and how the team was helping the community in spreading the Vedic knowledge and culture through a simple medium.

The next speech was given by Rengaji, expounding the details of how Ammaji started on this wonderful journey to create the Purna Vidya program, for the benefit of the Parents whose children were being brought up in dual cultures, away from the traditional values and the impacts of the modern stressful life. He then read out the special message sent for the gathering by Ammaji, for which there was a huge applause.

Speaking on this occasion, the NCKHH president Sri Suresh Sankarankutty said “The Purna Vidya education program will be used for various age groups ranging from children to adults. Starting from Panchatantra stories and moving up to Vedanta this education curriculum aims to spread the values of Santana Dharma that are beneficial for our day-to-day life and ultimately awaken each and every one to the Universal Truth.”

The traditional lighting of the lamp was conducted by all the dignitaries on the stage and Purna Vidya program was formally inaugurated for the members of NCKHH and the community in Manchester and UK.

All the teachers of the Purna Vidya program were invited to come near the lamp and a group picture was taken along with the Purna Vidya and NCKHH team members.

Suresh then invited, the rest of the Purna Vidya UK team present, consisting of Dr Bala,Mr Brahma and Mr Rao to give the book sent by Ammaji for the occasion, three copies of ‘Purna Vidya – A vision of Hindu Dharma’ to the president, secretary and in charge of Manchester centre respectively.

At this point all the children were requested to come and sit in front of the stage. The first Purna Vidya class of the prayers was being conducted by Suresh for the children and then came the biggest surprise of the day, when 3 year old Vismai came and sang the full ‘VakraTunda Mahakaaya’, it was a joyous moment for all present and the applause for the courage of the little one was well deserved and finally the prayers were sung by all children.

The gathering was informed about Ammaji’s July UK trip and requested all to participate in the events to connect with the Purna Vidya Foundation and the program concluded by serving prasadam to all present.