Purna Vidya Students Camp – Kovai Public School, Coimbatore & Shanthi School, July, 2016

Purna Vidya Foundation held its third & final Outbound Learning Camp this month for the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th graders from two schools Kovai Public School, Coimbatore & Shanthi School, Pollachi. Students shared personal testimonials of their experience!

what students felt:

I felt scared while trekking for the first time but, when I reached my destination I felt like I had achieved something. I would recommend Purna Vidya Foundation camp because it was very useful and enjoyable. I loved it! ~Anu K. (8th Standard)

I found Purna Vidya’s camp to be very useful and adventurous! From this camp I learned the importance of preserving our culture, proper planning, co-operating, co-ordination, and communication. ~Sowharnika (9th Standard)

 I learned many things at Purna Vidya Foundation over the last 2 days such as team work and that planning leads to success. I would love to return to this peaceful place and enjoy and learn even more. ~J.K. Vinuyogamoorthy (10th Standard)


“I learned what is the soul, how to plan now to be successful, how to meditate, the importance of practicing yoga, and a lot more… ~R. Perarivalan (9th Standard) “

“I would definitely recommend Purna Vidya Foundation. I had the most wonderful time ever! During trekking my friend helped me get up in steep and slippery slopes. ~P.R. Vikraanth (11th Standard)”

“I would recommend this camp to my peers because the camp helped us to find peace and integration with nature and to build up good qualities in our personality. ~Hima Balan (10th Standard)”

“Meditation class with Swamiji was truly amazing. We were able to increase our concentration. I’d love to recommend this camp to my peers as we learned a lot here! ~K. Siddharth (11th Standard)

“Purna Vidya camp taught us how to be peaceful and how to coordinate with our team ~Vignesh Sanjay (9th Standard)”