Purnavidya Education Initiative at Cardiff, United Kingdom

Venue: India Centre, Cardiff CF24 9AA, United Kingdom Date: Sunday, 25th September 2016 Event Report:  PurnaVidya Education Initiative in Cardiff, United Kingdom India Centre, Cardiff is a centre established by the Indian diaspora to serve the Hindu community in Cardiff and Wales. The centre is managed by a group of trustees and Dr Bapuji Rao. The centre promotes cultural and spiritual activities in Hinduism. The temple of Lord Venkateswara is part of the the India Centre in Cardiff. Srinivasa Kalyanam which is a yearly event happened with lot of festivities and pomp on the 25th September 2016, Sunday. With the gathering of a large Hindu community, it was an opportunity to present the PurnaVidya Education Initiative to the families in Cardiff and Wales. The PurnaVidya team assembled morning at 8.30 am and ensured a display of the Banners and PurnaVidya books in the event. With a large gathering of the Hindu families, Parent, Grandparents and children were all eager to learn and understand the education initiative. The families appreciated how it could help the community to come together on a weekly basis. The comprehensive program of PurnaVidya for children aged 5 to 16 was well explained to everyone. A complete set of PurnaVidya books were donated to the India Centre, Cardiff. Dr Bapuji Rao will be following this up with the Trustees and the PurnaVidya Satsang will begin very soon in Cardiff.