Rudra Ekadasi in London – 31st January, 2016

31st Jan - Rudra Ekadasi in London

In the last seven years with the blessings of Lord Shiva, the bhaktas have been performing Rudhra Ekadasi in London with utmost bhakti and shraddha. This year also, Rudhra Ekadesi was held at Saiva Munnettra Sangam, London.The Purna Vidya UK team consisting of Dr Rajamoorthy, Sumathi, Venkat, Jaya Kumar and Suresh attended the event. The venue had a wonderful ambience with the presiding deity Nataraja and Chidambara Rahasyam was also there in the temple. A strict dress Code was followed for all people chanting the Rudram, Panchakacham for all Grahasthas and Ladies- Madisaar consisting of 6 yards saree

The day started early in the morning at 06:00 am with Ganapathi Homam and Navagraha Homam. The Mahanyasam followed by Ekadasa Rudhram was chanted with full Purnahuti, Abishekam, Alankaram and Aarathi and  Prasadam. All of the Purna Vidya team participated in the event to seek blessing of Lord Shiva in the activities of Purna Vidya. A meeting was conducted with the event organisers and the Purna Vidya team explained the work being done by Purna Vidya team in UK and Ammaji's work in helping the communities in India. The event organisers requested further information to be shared for introducing Purna Vidya in their communities in various parts of UK.