Samartha Bharata – Residential training program for a hundred youth college students, Bangalore, January 2016

Samartha Bharata – A week long residential training program for a hundred youth from various Engineering colleges and other educational institutions of Bangalore was inaugurated on 24th Jan. 2016, by Ammaji at Dayananda Sagara College, Kanakpura Road, Bangalore.

Ammaji gave her benedictory address to the students and faculty of the program. She described samarthyam as an inner capacity and strength to live a fulfilling human life. In the 2 hour workshop that followed, presentations on “Defining Success” received much appreciation.  In her concluding remarks, Ammaji reiterated that profit-making is not the goal of life, whereas profit-sharing is the hallmark of a Successful human life.

The youth asked her a number of questions beginning with, “why is it that young people commit suicide these days, when they have so much resources and possibilities of being happy?” Ammaji described how the 3P system being driven by dissatisfaction and greed, could never bring happiness, because it only nurtures false promises and hopes. She added “Our culture describes success not by how much you have, but by how you perceive yourself with reference to how much you have. Self-image and Self-contentment are the internal anchors that do not need material prosperity in order to exist within a person”.