Sengunthar Girls High School, Erode implements Purna Vidya Curriculum in their school.

Following Ammaji's visit to Erode in February, 2015, Sengunthar Group of Schools began implementing Purna Vidya curriculum in their schools. Initially, Sengunthar Primary and Nursery School, a co-education school which has a strength of 600 students from LKG to 5th grade, implemented Purna Vidya’s curriculum with books donated by Senthil from Dubai. The school’s management selected four teachers to teach Purna Vidya syllabus, following which they were provided special training by Purna Vidya trained coordinators.

In July, Purna Vidya curriculum was implemented in Sengunthar Girls High School, where 850 students study from grade 6 to grade 12.  The books for this school were donated by Balasubramainam and Nandini from Dubai. During a launch at the school premises, Sivanandam, the Secretary of the school reiterated his commitment to implement Purna Vidya in all their self- financed schools. He thanked the donors for their generous help and also honoured them on the stage. The Correspondent of the School, Mohanraj, and Srijamol, the Headmistress of the school, also thanked Purna Vidya and the donors. During his talk, Purna Vidya Foundation member Senthil stressed the need for a value-based education at schools and emphasized Purna Vidya's role in meeting this important need.

Book donors Balasubramaniam and Nandini came all the way from Dubai to attend this launch ceremony, during which Balasubramaniam gave a highly motivating speech to the students and wished them all the very best success. Later on, Purna Vidya - Erode Coordinator Natarajan, thanked the school management for all their support in successfully implementing this programme

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