Sri Raghavendra Aradhana in Reading on 20th August 2016

Sri  Raghavendra Aradhana in Reading on 20th August 2016

We were blessed to attend the Sri  Raghavendra Aradhana in Reading on 20th August 2016, on the request of the Sri Subramanya and the organizing committee of Venkata Krushna Vrundavana

Around 150 devotees including children, attended the function. Everyone in the Mandir felt the vibrations of the mantras chanted with the blessings of Sri Raghavendra Swami.

We had our Purna Vidya stall inside the main hall where the function took place. The bhaktās there showed good amount of interest to visit our stall and enquire about our books(pustakāni). Almost all of them who visited left their contact numbers and wanted to get further information to start Purna Vidya classes in their locality.

A few children came over and read a some Puranic and Panchatantra stories. The stall was managed by the Purna Vidya Team of Balaji,Sreekar and Sreevidya who were enthusiastic in talking to people and explaining about the books.

Afternoon prasadam/bhojanam was served to everyone. This was the first time in UK, we had bhojanam in a plantain leaf sitting down in the floor. All the delicious items kept coming one by one and seemed never ending.

Sreekar and Sreevidya started the cultural programme by singing Ganesha Pancha Ratnam and followed by Hanuman Calisā. A carnatic vocal music concert by Bengaluru based Carnatica brothers involved everyone, to join the bhajans. This was followed by a Bharathanatyam performance and the programme finished with a Magic show by the talented Mr. Shankar Junior.

The atmosphere was so divine, that we felt like that we were in Mantrālayam!

Purna Vidya team of Balaji, Sreekar, Sreevidya, Padmini and Suresh attended the event.