Oneness & Harmony

Purna Vidya means Complete Knowledge. It also means Knowledge of the Complete Being or Infinite Being.

The fundamental desire of every human being is to be happy. All our efforts and our energies, whether we are young, old, rich, poor, male, female, westerner, Indian or Asian, are based on this desire. But we discover that whatever happiness we experience from our efforts is impermanent in nature and like the wind, it comes and goes.

At the same time, the message of the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of India, is that – true, unwavering happiness is our very nature, our true self, our essential self. Throughout the ages and into modern times, sages and teachers have shared this Vedic vision of permanent happiness, known as Vedanta, through its Spiritual Knowledge Tradition.

Purna Vidya programmes present this message in two modules: 1- Vedanta Courses & Retreats and 2 – The Spiritual Heritage of India – A Study Programme. Through these programmes, we help you see that the happiness you seek is, in fact, the truth of who and what you are. Recognising this, all that you say and all that you do becomes a blessing in your life, rather than a Search for happiness.

In addition, Purna Vidya has other ongoing projects such as offering Yoga courses online, Global Peace programme as well as serving the underprivileged through socio-economic upliftment programmes.

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