What difference might it make in your life if love and harmony were the foundation of all your relationships? Do you think your life might run more smoothly if your thoughts, your words and your actions were generous and thoughtful? Do you see areas in your life where this understanding could be helpful?

The purpose of Purna Vidya’s Programmes is twofold: first, to assist you in living according to the principles of dharma and ethics so that your life will be easier and more harmonious, and secondly, when you discover the limitations of even the most harmonious material life, in the understanding that any notion of separation is based on sense perception alone.

Every Purna Vidya programme has as its foundation the Vedic cultural and spiritual recognition of the Oneness of all life. Through Ammaji’s teaching, you will come to appreciate that there is really no ‘other;’ nothing other than the appearance of another. Knowing this, the natural kindness you extend to the apparent other is, in fact, the love and kindness you offer to yourself. When you recognize the love that you are, the more love you have to share.

But, you might say, as good as this sounds, when I open my eyes, I see an ‘other’ before me. I see trees, plants, clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars, and I see other people. How is it that you say that there is nothing or no one else out there?


To your question, I ask you to take another look, and ask yourself ‘Who is seeing this other?” Just as you see the sun, the moon, the stars and everything else, don’t you also see your body? Aren’t you as aware of your body as you are everything else you objectify?

If your body is who you are, could you be aware of it? Could your body be an object like every other object if it was really you? What about your thoughts? If we can agree that your mind is simply a bundle of thoughts that you are, again, aware of, can you be your mind?

Like most people, we take ourselves for granted. We don’t ask what it is that illumines our eyes, makes our ears hear, or enlivens our sense of touch. What if that Awareness because of which we are aware of our bodies, our minds and every other object in the world is who and what we really are?

The ultimate goal of every human life is to recognize this truth, and, as a result, live from that place of knowing. Instead of considering ourselves to be a limited and time-bound body or mind, we discover that as Awareness, we are actually limitless. Because this Awareness is formless, it is also timeless.

Whether you have come here to learn about Purna Vidya’s Courses and Retreats, Awareness or Study Programmes, please be assured that through your participation in Purna Vidya’s programmes, your life will be transformed.

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