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All of Purna Vidya’s programmes are based on the foundation of India’s spiritual heritage — the Vedic teaching of Oneness and Harmony — which shows us that we are more than our bodies and minds; that we are, in fact, the very happiness we seek through external objects and experiences.

Seeing this truth, we recognize that we are, and always have been, free from the limitations created by wrongly taking ourselves to be only these limited forms.


The programmes listed here are progressive in nature, for periods covering one month to one year. They are offered free of charge at Purna Vidya Foundation, outside of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu where students will live and learn with Ammaji and other teachers. A nominal Registration Fee is required.

Advaita Vedanta Course (One Month): This programme serves as an introduction to the vision of the Vedas, providing participants an insight into the reality expounded by the sages and wisdom keepers of India’s spiritual heritage. In addition to Vedanta and Upanishad classes, Ammaji will teach one chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, considered to contain the essence of all four Vedas. In addition, you will participate in Vedic chanting, puja, group reflection and satsang. The basics of Sanskrit and the value of Meditation and Yoga practices are also an added benefit of this programme.

2018 Courses

Course : November 19th – December 20th 2018

2019 Courses

Course : February 3rd – March 6th 2019

Advaita Vedanta Course (Three Months): In addition to what is offered in the one month course, Ammaji will teach two additional chapters from the Bhagavad Gita as well as classes in Advanced Sanskrit, with an introduction to Paniniyan Grammar. Vedic chanting, puja, group reflections and satsang are an important, on-going part of this programme as well.

Advaita Vedanta Course (Six Months): This course will expand on the above programmes with Sankara-bhasyam and three additional chapters of the Bhagavad Gita, as well as classes in Basic and Advanced Sanskrit, Paniniyan Grammar, Meditation and Yoga. Vedic chanting, puja, group reflections and satsang are included as an important and vital part of this programme.

Advaita Vedanta Course (One Year): This year-long course will include all of the above offerings as well as studies in all 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita.

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These residential retreat programmes may be held at any one of Purna Vidya centers, including Tapasyalayam, outside of Uttarkashi in the Himalayan mountains; Purna Vidya Foundation on the outskirts of Coimbatore city, Tamil Nadu; and Sri Venugopalaswamy Ashram in Palakkad, Kerala.

Retreat for Adults (One Week): This programme provides participants an Introduction to Vedanta, a selected Upanishad, one chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, and classes in Meditation and Yoga. Vedic chanting, puja, group reflections and satsang are also part of this retreat.

Retreat for Families (One Week): Within this programme there are parallel sessions for adults and children. The adult sessions include Vedanta classes, meditation and yoga while the childrens’ sessions include classes in Vedic heritage and yoga. Sessions for the entire family include How to Perform a Puja as well as chanting prayers. Family games and satsang are also part of this package.

Holiday Retreat for Youth (One Week): Designed as a fun time for children aged 10-19 years of age, this retreat exposes children to Purna Vidya’s Culture-based Value Education books and programmes. During this week children will learn about the cultural heritage of India as well as participate in prayers,puja, bhajans, yoga, cultural games, story telling and satsang.

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