Purna Vidya’s Study Programmes impart an insight into right living through culture-based value education. These courses are available for schools, colleges, institutions, villages, communities, families and individuals. While initially designed for children, the Purna Vidya Study Programme is equally important for adults to know and share India’s spiritual cultural heritage with their families and friends. Within this programme there are 23 books and an audio CD which form an excellent resource for conducting regular classes. Within the programme are several special courses; one of them is called, Sugrhini. Sugrhini is a programme designed for women, comprising an indepth study of India’s cultural heritage, including yoga and Ayurvedic home remedies. Another special programme is Suyuva, designed for young men and women as a unique tool for learning about Indian Ethos and Heritage.

Purna Vidya in Families

A family that learns together bonds together. In the privacy of their own homes, parents and grandparents study and share Purna Vidya with their children and grandchildren on a weekly basis. Purna Vidya helps families know their roots and secure the traditions and belief systems of India’s Vedic culture. Globally, thousands of families are currently studying and benefitting from this programme.

Purna Vidya in Villages

In various states throughout India, ten-day camps are conducted annually during the summer school holidays. During these camps the children learn how to chant slokas, how to do puja, and the meaning of epics such as Ramayana. The children are also introduced to yoga and meditation as well as learning both indoor and outdoor cultural games. Sugrhinis and senior citizens are trained, with the support of volunteers, to conduct these Holiday Courses in hundreds of villages, benefitting thousands of children.

Purna Vidya in Communities

In hundreds of communities throughout the world, people have formed ‘Purna Vidya Community Centers’ for the purpose of sharing the Vedic Heritage with couples, women, youth, and children.
  • Recreates the experience of living with the spiritual ideals of Vedic society.
  • Answers questions with regard to the spiritual and cultural heritage, creating confidence and pride within the community.
  • Helps families form support networks within their communities.
  • Imparts an identity of peace within the group.

Purna Vidya in Schools

Hundreds of schools in India have adopted the Purna Vidya Study Programme as part of their Moral Education or Heritage classes, resulting in thousands of students benefitting every week.
  • The Purna Vidya programme is designed to blend with the school curriculum over a period of 12 years, from standards 1 to 12.
  • Schools can incorporate the programme in moral education or heritage classes.
  • Classes are conducted once a week; the students are given text books.
  • Teachers receive teaching guideline books and other training tools.

Teacher Training Programme

Through sharing the tenets of Vedanta, the Teacher Training programme empowers people to understand their spiritual roots more deeply, and prepares them to share this profound heritage with the next generation. Teacher Training sessions include Vedanta and Heritage classes as well as group discussions and presentations. Vedic chanting, puja, yoga, meditation and satsangs are also an integral part of the residential trainings. This programme provides the understanding of the significance of Vedic culture and equips one to share with others the Purna Vidya books and course materials. Residential trainings are held at Purna Vidya Foundation on the outskirts of Coimbatore City, while daylong seminars are offered at a variety of venues. Additionally, there is an 18-VCD Teacher Training module available for online training. Anyone who wishes to share the Vedic Heritage in their own regional language can gain the necessary training through a weekend course or a one-day seminar with a teacher certified by Purna Vidya Foundation.