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Verses – from 1 to 12 (# 15-27)

The Chapter 2 of the Bhagavad Gita begins with Arjuna seeking to surrender to Lord Krishna as his guru, and seeks to learn the truth of himself, the world and God. The teachings begin with Lord Krishna presenting the metaphysical truth of the triad, known as Sankhya Yoga. This is followed by a description of Karma Yoga. The chapter concludes with Arjuna’s question on who is a wise man. The Lord replies detailing the characteristics of a wise person, and reveals the means to become one.

Code: CD1 Chapter - 2 Author: Swamini Pramananda

Verses – from 1 to 12 (# 261-274)

The chapter 9 of the Bhagavad Gita opens with a glorification of the Knowledge of God and a discussion on the Nature of God. The cause of bondage is described and the types of people such as atheist, theists and various upasanas are elaborated. There is description of Virat, God as the physical Universe. Devotion which is with motive and without motive is elaborated and moksha as one’s own initiative is discussed. The chapter concludes with a glorification of Devotion.

Code: CD1 Chapter - 9 Author: Swamini Pramananda

Verses – from 1 to 13 (# 331-343)

The chapter 12 of the Bhagavad Gita begins with Arjuna’s question to the Lord on Who is Superior – one who worships the Lord without attributes or the one who worships him with attributes. Lord Krishna elaborates by teaching Arjuna the five stages of Devotion. The section concludes with the characteristics of an exalted devotee and praise to Self Knowledge.

Code: CD1 Chapter - 12 Author: Swamini Pramananda

Verses – from 1 to 15 (# 208-220) + Intro

The chapter 6 of Bhagavad Gita presents four important topics: It describes the preparation that is needed throughout one’s life that is essential to Meditation. It then discusses the preparation necessary immediately before Meditation. The Nature of Meditation is the essence of the chapter and the fourth topic is the result of Meditation. The chapter concludes with a description of what happens to the seeker, who does not attain his spiritual goal.

Code: CD1 Chapter - 6 Author: Swamini Pramananda

Verses – from 1 to 17 (# 475-486)

The chapter 18 of the Bhagavad Gita begins with a discussion on sannyasa and tyaga. It describes the three fold sannyasa. It elaborates Self Knowledge and discusses in detail the six topics of jnanam, karma, karta, buddhi, dhrti, and sukham. The next topic elaborated is karma yoga, dhyanam and bhakti, and concludes with a summary of the entire teachings of Lord Krishna. The chapter concludes with a discussion on the qualification of the seeker.

Code: CD1 Chapter - 18 Author: Swamini Pramananda