Audio CDs

God and You

This VCD by Swamini Pramananda presents the Vedic vision of Divinity in the universe and reveals the sanctity of life. It teaches one to revere nature as sacred and bring the principles of inter-relatedness with the universe.

Code: VCD06 Author: Swamini Pramananda

God, My Co-traveller (Margabandhu stotram)

SPA37 God, My Co-traveller (Margabandhu Stotram). This mp3 CD comprises of two talks. Margabandhu Stotram is a beautiful prayer of five verses to Lord Siva. In this prayer a devotee looks upon the Lord as a companion in his or her journey of life. Having the Lord as a companion implies living in harmony with his laws, having an appreciation of his manifestations and never having to feel alone and insecure in one’s lifetime and thereafter.

Code: SPA37 Author: Swamini Pramananda


SPA08 Govindastakam (On Lord Krishna) This mp3 CD comprises of six talks on Govindastakam. This is a text by Adi Sankaracharya containing eight verses. In these verses, he extols the greatness of Sri Krishna. The verses describe Sri Krishna as the Divine Manifestation and also describe his various glories as an incarnation. The work in the form of a prayer is full of poetic beauty and profound insights.

Code: SPA08 Author: Swamini Pramananda


SPA01 Sugrhini (The Homemaker) This mp3 CD comprises of three talks of a seminar addressed to women. Women, while undergoing trials and tribulations in fulfilling their roles as daughters, mothers, wives, and professionals form the backbone of society and are the primary link in maintaining culture and tradition. How to seek and find fulfillment in these herculean tasks is the main theme of these talks.

Code: SPA01 Author: Swamini Pramananda


SPA04 Gurupurnima This is an mp3 CD of three talks including a question answer session on the occasion of Gurupurnima. This is a day celebrating the day of birth of Sage Vyasa, a universally recognized teacher and link in the Vedic tradition of teachers. As the Vedic tradition has been maintained by an unbroken lineage of teachers, the importance of a teacher is unique and unparalleled.

Code: SPA04 Author: Swamini Pramananda