Audio CDs

Introducing Purna vidya in Education

This VCD is a talk by Swami Pramananda, the author of Purna Vidya. She describes the need for culture based value education in schools and colleges as an essential element of moral education. The indigenous culture of India has in its literature all that is necessary for a child’s development and self esteem, without offering which no educational system is complete.

Code: VCD03 Author: Swamini Pramananda

Introduction to Bhagavat gita ( Summary of Chapter 1 & 2)

SPA26 Introduction to Bhagavad Gita (Summary Ch1&2) This mp3 CD comprises of two talks. The first is an introductory chapter which sets up the context wherein Arjuna asks Lord Krishna to help him clear his confusion regarding his duty as a prince. This culminates into Arjuna asking the Lord to free him from all confusions, by giving him the means to total freedom from all bondages. The second chapter gives the essence of the entire scripture, details of which are elaborated in subsequent chapters, in the form of a dialogue between the teacher and his student, prince Arjuna.

Code: SPA26 Author: Swamini Pramananda


SPA25 Kaivalyopanisad This mp3 CD comprises of five talks. This Upanisad belongs to the Atharva Veda. The teaching is in the form of a dialogue between sage Ashvalayana and Lord Brahma. Upon being asked by the sage to be taught the highest Truth, Brahmavidya, Lord Brahma starts by teaching him the importance of faith, and devotion to the Lord. He describes the spiritual disciplines and finally gives him the ultimate knowledge of Brahmavidya.

Code: SPA25 Author: Swamini Pramananda

Katopanisad Part – I – 2 CDs, Part – II – 1 CDs

SPA24 Kathopanisad This set of two mp3 CDs comprises of thirteen talks. Kathopanisad belongs to the Krishna Yajur Veda. The text is in the form of a dialogue between Nachiketas, representing an ideal student and Lord Yama, the ideal teacher. The teacher teaches Nachiketas the most profound Truth revealed in the scripture, namely the relationship between an individual, Lord and the creation

Code: SPA24 Author: Swamini Pramananda


SPA22 Kenopanisad This mp3 CD comprises of eleven talks. Kenopanisad is a part of Sama Veda. The subject matter of this Upanisad is the nature of Atma revealed by a teacher in response to questions raised by the student. The question asked is, “What is the basis of life? The teacher gently leads the student to an understanding of the essential nature of the Atma.

Code: SPA22 Author: Swamini Pramananda