Audio CDs

Samksepa Ramayana – set of 4 CDs (Essence of Valmiki Ramayana)

SPA21 Samksepa Ramayanam (A brief synopsis of Valmiki Ramayana) This is a set of four mp3 CD comprise a total of 47 talks. The first 100 verses of sage Valmiki’s Ramayana are titled Samksepa Ramayana. It consists of a dialogue between Sage Valmiki and Narada, in which the latter, in response to sage Valmiki’s question, tells the life-story of Sri Rama in brief. This, in turn, inspires sage Valmiki to write the Ramayana in detail.

Code: SPA21 Author: Swamini Pramananda

Sanatana Dharma

This VCD is a talk by Swamini Pramananda on the eternal nature of the Vedic civilization. The ancient civilization has its roots in the revelations given in the body of knowledge called the Vedas, which forms the backbone of the spiritual heritage of India.

Code: VCD08 Author: Swamini Pramananda

Sarasvati Puja

This VCD is a talk by Swamini Pramananda that describes the festival, in which the people of India pray to Goddess of Knowledge, Saraswati. This day is celebrated throughout the country by young and old alike and the prayers are offered for knowledge in various disciplines as well as for wisdom and liberation.

Code: VCD14 Author: Swamini Pramananda

Satsang with Family

SPA33 Satsang with Family A Question – Answer session with a community of the Purna Vidya Family members.

Code: SPA33 Author: Swamini Pramananda

Satsang with Grhini

SPA35 Satsang with Grhini A Question-Answer session with the HomeMakers and Career women, studying the message of Purna Vidya.

Code: SPA35 Author: Swamini Pramananda