Address: UK
Designation: Teacher

I’m Brahma from UK. I live with my wife and two children in Milton Keynes. I work in IT industry as a Software Architect based in UK.
In 2008, the first time I met Ammaji at Shri Balaji temple for Kaivalya Upanishad. That was the first time I’ve gone through a Vedic text from a traditional teacher belong to Advaita Guru Tradition lineage. I was very fortunate to attend all the sessions and in this many of my questions were answered.

Since then I’ve been listening to Ammaji’s CDs/DVDs on Pratah Smarana, Keno Upanishad, Ramayana etc. these were really feeding my inner flame. At that time we were living in Telford, like minded people together we started Purna Vidya Satsang. In Satsang we used to perform community prayers, scriptural study for adults and Vedic cultural education for children. I’ve really enjoyed my time being part of the satsang group.

I was eagerly waiting for Ammaji’s next visit, that time Ammaji has taken sessions on Mundaka Upanishad. During that time I was really connected with Ammaji’s teachings, Ammaji also initiated me into further spiritual sadhana. I used to feel motherly love and inner guidance being received from Ammaji. I’m very fortunate to get such a Guru in my life.

In Ammaji’s guidance I understood studying & assimilating The Bhagavad Gita is very important. So on my request Ammaji has kindly to send the Bhagavad Gita – Shankara Bhashyam CDs of Ammaji from Himalayas. I was very to receive the teachings with Ammaji’s blessings started my sincere study.
With Ammaji’s initiation we have started a Bhagavad Gita study group in Milton Keynes with like-minded members. We are really enjoying the slokas chanting, group study, reflections and Gita Aarti. Day to Day life these teachings are helping us in personal, professional and spiritual path.

Many times we have heard about Swamiji, Swami Siddha Bodhananda Saraswati from Ammaji, who is Ammaji’s teacher. I met Swamiji first time in Coimbatore. He is such a beautiful soul and joyful to be in his presence. Whenever I approach Swamiji for advice on spiritual matters his guidance is always direct, simple and practical.
I’ve visited the Ashrams, Purna Vidya Foundation in Coimbatore and Tapasyalayam in Himalayas. Both Ashrams are peaceful, serene and filled with motherly love and spiritual vibrations felt like in mothers lap. Also in Ashrams we get tasty food, good facilities and mainly conducive for spiritual and inner transformation with the guidance of Swamiji and Ammaji.

In my Bhagavad Gita study I understood the importance of Karma Yoga, Upasana,Dhyana Yoga and Jnana Yoga all are important for the moksha, the ultimate self-realisation. So while I’m learning and studying the teachings for the wisdom to manifest in my life the inner purification is very important which I can get through Karma Yoga.
As I’ve started enjoying the benefits of the Bhagavad Gita and Vedanta teachings. I felt this knowledge to be made available for many people like me to get guidance from Ammaji and Swamiji. Hence I’ve started my seva with Purna Vidya Sevak’s group. Also I’m involved in IT related support activities for Ammaji’s teachings to reach the world of humanity for global peace, oneness and harmony.

As a family we all love to be part of Purna Vidya activities. My children love Purna Vidya activities. My children love the Purna Vidya Vedic Heritage teachings, a fun way of learning the morals through stories and more. Myself and my wife teach children in neighbourhood along with our children.
My sincere and humble Pranams to my Gurus, Ammaji and Swamiji, for their kind blessings and guidance in my spiritual journey. Its with love and heartfelt pranams at their lotus feet, I’m eternally thankful for the Guru Parampara.

Jai Gurudeva