Address: India
Designation: Teacher

We were fortunate enough to attend a three months course in Vedanta and Sanskrit at the Arsha vidya Gurukulam, Anaikatty, Coimbatore. The moment we met Ammaji at the ashram we were struck by her serene personality. In her deep knowledge of Vedanta, the clarity with which she expounded the intricate points and her dedication for imparting the rich cultural heritage of our country to the future generation we saw the image of Pujya Swamiji. It has been an enriching and elevating experience for us to learn Purna Vidya at her feet.
This exposure opened up a new vista of life hitherto unknown to us. Teaching Purna Vidya became our life's mission. From that time there was no turning back. It has transformed us into mature, compassionate individuals who can face life's problems with equanimity.
With Ammaji's benign blessings and support we have been conducting Purna Vidya classes for the past 15 years.The children have enacted the incidents from the life's of saints and from the epics through dramas. They have also learnt traditional art forms like kolattam, dance drama and mono acting. They have learnt to perform a simple pooja and manasa pooja also. This interaction with the children has kept as young at heart. .