Address: Europe
Designation: Teacher

I will always remember the day I met Ammaji for the first time. I had just finished a 10 day
Yoga Course at Rishikesh in 2011 on my first journey to India as a yoga teacher, and the
Course leader of that 10 days retreat brought the group - me and some dear friends, up to
a beautiful Himalayan Ashram in Netala, where his beloved teacher, Ammaji, was
agreeing to give a Satsang to our group. It felt just like coming home! Coming home to
teachings and to a person I had been deeply yearning to encounter for years.

The message of the Vedic teachings did not only bring me to tears instantly through their
wisdom and beauty, but was clearly something I wanted to continue with, now that I had
finally re-encountered it, at least this is how it felt. Ammaji was the teacher I was hoping to
find - someone who could teach me Yoga beyond Asana in its most profound and ancient
meaning, in a unbroken lineage, a Guru. Ever since that time I have continued to study
with Ammaji, sometimes in India, sometimes in Europe. In the beginning years we were
even studying the Bh.Gita through Skype meetings.

A small group of those who’d met her in the Himalaya in 2011 founded the non-profit-organization Purna vidya Europe, that could invite Ammaji to Europe and support the Indian foundation in its work of Vedic
teachings , charity and crisis relief. The teachings truly changed my life, and ever since I
have been a student of the Vedic wisdom. Studying the Bhagavad Gita especially has
brought along a profound inner transformation in my perception and awareness, and is
the most beautiful source of wisdom I had ever hoped for and dreamt about. I had
listened to the Gita teachings over and over before meeting Ammaji, but she truly started
to decipher the wisdom teachings within the text for me, as she is very familiar with the
western mind and thinking, thus able to teach the western student in a perfect way.

In my profession as a Yoga teacher studying Vedantic knowledge helped me enormously to
keep my connection to the true and profound capacity of the spiritual path. Yoga is a wide
field taught by many in a mere physical way with a marketing mind where one can easily
get lost to that track. I’m ever so grateful to have found my spiritual teacher and the
teachings with and through Ammaji, Purna vidya and the Bh.Gita. May the teachings be
for the benefit of all beings and may they reach many students. Om