Address: India
Designation: Teacher

My educational background in food Science and Nutrition has been instrumental in my choosing to be an ambassador of good health and a wellness consultant, with two decades of enriching experience in helping individuals enjoy life being healthy.

I was twelve when I participated in a programme in Bahrain which Pujya Swamiji graced. My spiritual journey began then and hearing him speak my interest in our rich culture , traditions and heritage grew. After travelling the globe, I was very happy when we settled in Coimbatore, close to the Anaikatti ashram.

Although family commitments did not permit my attending Vedanta courses at the ashram, I took every opportunity to visit the ashram and just be in Swamiji's presence. Public talks and books by Swamiji became my guide.
In February 2018, I chanced upon Purna Vidya Foundation website and later attended a teacher's training course. The moment I set foot in the Ashram, I felt like a homecoming and since then have been blessed with the opportunity of doing service.

It is definitely divine grace that has brought us back into the Guru parampara fold. I have had the good fortune of facilitating few Obl programmes, teachers training programmes and participating in special ashram functions like the Guru poornima .
Swamiji, Ammaji and Arulji have been very understanding, accepting and appreciative of the small contribution I have been able to make in spreading the message of "Sanatana Dharma".