Address: UK
Designation: Facilitator

We still remember the day we first met you in one of the retreats in Uk. Since then our spiritual journey has gained higher momentum -myself and my family has been blessed with immense inner peace and joy.
Being part of Purna Vidya, has given us an excellent opportunity to meet and get inspired by many other Sadhakas .

It has also given us the privilege to extend our seva in motivating others towards spiritual journey .
Ammaji, your talks on wide variety of topics from Vedanta to normal daily situations has empowered us to lead a happy life . Further, your commitment towards social and environment welfare has always been inspiration for us to do seva unconditionally ....

We always follow your footsteps to inspire and motivate many others to be a part of Purna Vidya, follow the Guru Parampara and experience the essence of life.