Kumar Sundaram

Address: Middle East
Designation: Facilitator

"Man can redeem his life only when he understands where from he has come, what is his role in life and what is his destination".

This is very important and in my opinion the very purpose of our life itself. For a person like me, who was seeking answers to above questions, a chance introduction to Purna Vidya about 14 years back opened up a new world, a world of learning certain knowledge, "knowing which everything is as well known" as mentioned in Upanishads. We, me and my wife Jayashree are proud to be associated with Purna Vidya foundation and the body of work it delivers to the world and humankind at large. Headed and guided by Ammaji and the relentless, selfless service that Ammaji puts out to help the women and children of our generation, I am most inspired to live our lives as taught by our Vedas and make a difference to the world we live in.