Address: UK
Designation: Teacher

I consider myself fortunate enough to get associated with Purna Vidya Foundation. Listening to Ammaji’s discourses, during her initial visits to the UK, I could see a change in myself looking for deeper meaning about my existence as a human being. There happened a shift in me from being a religious person to a spiritual seeker. I was then exposed to the vast wealth of knowledge from our scriptures being given in the most accessible manner through Purna Vidya Courses.
Purna Vidya has courses for children, which has to reach more and more families to bring a perceptible shift in the society so that the next generation are better citizens of Mother Earth. The Bhagavad Gita Course is a course which is given in a capsule form where each one’s initiation into the world of Lord Krishna’s teaching is presented by Ammaji in a concise manner and can be completed in 18 months.
As Ammaji started visiting UK from 2005 to conduct Youth Camps in the Balaji Temple, I attended the Teachers training workshop for being a teacher in the Vedic Heritage Program for children. This helped me to structure our regular bhajan group in Telford into a Purna Vidya Satsang with the help of a some committed families of Telford. This teaching experience gave me immense joy to work with the next generation and an enriching experience for myself as an individual.
I am now involved in propagating and spreading the essence of Purna Vidya Programs in the United Kingdom. We conduct workshops for families who want their kids to grow up with a value system based on Indian Culture. I work with a wonderful team of sadhakas in the United Kingdom to facilitate and enable Bhagavad Gita sessions for adults through the Purnavidya program.
We as Purna Vidya Sadhakas have been fortunate to attend the GangaDasahara event in May in the Uttarkashi Ashram in Himalayas and experience the sacred power of the Himalayas. Then our visit and stay to the Coimbatore Ashram for various courses has helped us improve and keep learning our scriptures from our beloved Guru Ammaji.
I am sure with the blessings and grace of our Guru, we will have the strength and energy to be part of the Purna Vidya outreach program in the United Kingdom and where required.