Cry tears of pure joy

For me, this is a big dream coming true. I went to India four years ago, and accidentally found myself in an ashram in the Himalayas where I just wanted to stay for a few days. There was this strange, female Monk in her orange clothes, and she said, Yes, welcome to my ashram. I’ll make a short satsang for you and we can meet tomorrow. During this satsang, I was very very touched; so touched that tears started running down my face. They weren’t sad tears, but maybe joyful tears. That didn’t happen just to me, but also to a friend who was traveling with me traveling as part of a yoga group. At the end of the satsang, we just looked into each other’s eyes and said, “Let’s ask if we can stay!” And so, we asked this Indian Monk if we could stay for one week. That was the beginning of our time as her Vedanta students. It’s a blessing to sit with a person who opens your heart space so much that you cry tears of pure joy.

- Helga