Gems in Ammaji’s talks

When I left Singapore on the 30th of May, all I knew was that I was on a spiritual journey and not a tourist holiday. I had decided to have an open mind, embrace the experience and learn as much as I could. What an experience it has been!

There were many gems in Ammaji’s talks. The one that resonated and captured my state was: “We are all human beings seeking a spiritual experience.” I realized that this was what I was looking for. And then, the statement, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience” just replicated what I was feeling.

Ammaji’s Sadhana Pancakam was a welcome text. The concepts of ‘Independent Reality’ and ‘Dependent Reality’ suddenly made sense. I understood that I should use my human experience for my spiritual sadhana. I am just an instrument; I should function as a Spiritual being and make this internal paradigm shift. Thank you, Ammaji! I look forward to your grace and guidance.

- Chitra