Swamini have inspired me

The ashram is a wonderful place of learning where one can learn things which cannot be learnt anywhere else. I had an insight into the Ithihasas and Puranas. I gained clarity on many points. I am completely satisfied and more". [Read More]

- Haimavathi Subramanian

Experience is awesome

Your impression: Selfless education is the ulterior motive of Purna Vidya education. Experience is awesome. Yes, really good clarity on values and our understanding of why it is necessary to make it a part of our life, and make ourself". [Read More]

- Mookambika Rathinam

I go into silence

Beautiful locality, serene atmosphere. Listening to Ammaji, I go into silence and experience Grace. I have learned how to go about  imparting knowledge of our values and Puranas in a systematic way. I feel that I am privileged to be". [Read More]

- Punitha Ramasamy

Ambience is great

This was a good experience. The ambience of the place is great. Very pleasant weather. Serene & a quiet place, which clears your mind and refreshes it. I came here without any idea about this and I was impressed with". [Read More]

- SreeLatha M

Most valuable experience

Very homely, peaceful and comfortable; very very safe and serene. The narration by Ammaji was so wonderful and eloquent. I definitely gained clarity in some areas but would love to listen to Ammaji more and more to enhance myself and my values. Most". [Read More]

- Annapoorni