Village Initiative

“A Village is a home; a home where you commune with nature and live in the simplicity of life. Here is where you awaken to the fact that God is everywhere. Living with simple people, you find peace, unity and strength as well as the inspiration to serve and care for others.”  Ammaji

The Village Initiative invites us to act by offering service in the development of villages across India. We will look at the importance given by the ancient Rishis (seers) in the Vedic texts about aspects of community living as a core value . We will study the needs of the village community and create a forum for creating the desired outcomes in these areas.

We will examine the current status of villages in India and their needs in the areas of Water; Hygiene; Houses; Roads; Resources; Schools; Hospitals; Markets; Electricity; Facilities; Economy; Banks Materials; Social empowerment and the impact of segregation.

We will evaluate the differences between modern and traditional villages in India and the impact of modernization on village life.

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